The "Great" Fursuit Make Off LIVE #KeepCalmCon #FurnalIsolation by CulturallyFd

The "Great" Fursuit Make Off LIVE #KeepCalmCon #FurnalIsolation


20 March 2020 at 09:12:55 MDT

Arrkay and Nayo upcycling an old fursuit into something beautiful in the time constraint of 90 minutes. It's a flash fursuit facelift. There will be laughs, scrambling of limbs, scaldings of hot-glue, and duct tape everywhere else. Join the chat, bring some popcorn. Donate to the con charity, it's a wildlife refuge:

If the end product is half way good we'll auction it for the con charity!
Back up plan #5 will be a D&D livestream.

The Great Fursuit Make Off was going to be a contest with 5-8 contestants building a fursuit using only donated scraps and recycling! Then the con was cancelled so it was going to be 2 contestants! Then they cancelled so now it's just down to us. The in-person convention version have to wait until next year when everyone isn't in quarantine.