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VIDEO: A Fandom Divided | Culturally F'd Episode 49 by CulturallyFd

VIDEO: A Fandom Divided | Culturally F'd Episode 49


19 May 2017 at 15:30:49 MDT

RMFC, AltFurry, Badgers, and a shaken fandom. This week, a sombre Arrkay addresses some big issues affecting Furries, and some ideas to fix it.

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We would like to thank our contributing editors for their feedback: Aberguine, BlackLynk, Fletz, Kothorix, Queenie Deerhart, Nayo.

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    First and foremost, you are pushing INACCURATE panic-mongering propaganda here, around the 3:45 mark. No one (I repeat: NO ONE) threatened to bring a concealed weapon to RMFC. Let me see if I can put this in a "respectful" but still accurate sequence of events. Leading up to RMFC, a group of individuals lit up Twitter with a lot of senseless brow-beating and an overall preemptive hatred aimed at the Raiders because of the "hotel room incident" the previous year (more on that later). Tempers quickly flared as a mob-mentality took over the conversation and people started spouting off plans to physically assault ANYONE perceived to be a member of the Furry Raiders on sight. There's an important phrasing there. "Perceived to be." If you happened to be a Destiny fan and went to RMFC dressed as an anthropomorphic Warlock these people would see you wearing an armband and immediately confront and attack you, no questions asked. A lone Tweeter, unaffiliated with either the Raiders or this angry mob, responded to the most vocal party (who tweeted something along the lines of "I just can't wait to punch these Nazis"), commenting that it would be humorous, in their mind, to watch this individual get shot by someone DEFENDING his/her self from this raving lunatic trying to assault them for no other reason than having an arm band (regardless of whether they were an actual "Raider" or not). This lone Tweeter was then confronted and accused of "threatening" the individual who just got done saying they planned to physically assault anyone they suspected of being a Raider. Ironic, isn't it? Anyway, the lone Tweeeter merely responded that they support the 2nd Amendment (the right to bear arms) and LAWFUL concealed-carry (which requires a permit that in most areas requires an EXTENSIVE background check before you can even be considered). Tweeter did not say they, themselves, would carry, nor did they even say that they owned a firearm, much less that they would bring it to RMFC. Just that they supported others' rights to do so. I know you're not a "news site" but you need to at least get the facts right. NOBODY threatened to bring a gun to RMFC. Nobody. The ONLY threats of ANY sort of violence came from those stating that they would assault the Raiders (or absolutely anyone they suspected of being affiliated with them in any way) on sight, without provocation.

    And another little tidbit here, the whole "monopolizing the rooms" fiasco. The Raiders are a reasonably large group, and they (understandably) wanted to make sure as many members as were attending RMFC would have sufficient lodging. Once they determined how many of their members would be attending and how many rooms they would actually need, they immediately cancelled the reservations on all the remaining rooms. There was a communication snafu between the Raiders and the RMFC organizers which lead the staff to wrongfully believe the Raiders were "holding rooms hostage" or some such stupidity because the Raiders stated they would not release their reservations (which they paid for, lest we forget) until all their attending members were sufficiently housed.

    Now, ARE the Raiders "Nazis?" Honest answer: I don't know. I know little to nothing about the Raiders aside from the use of arm bands and that they have hosted numerous charity events.Is there are darker side? Is it all a cover up? I don't know. But here's what I know about Nazis. The Nazi party was a group of racial supremacists who felt that they were the only people in the world who had any right to exist in it. The Nazis employed a group of "Secret Police" known as the Gestapo, who patrolled Germany looking for anyone and everyone who did not pledge undying support for the Nazi cause or otherwise did not fit into the Nazi definition of, well, anything really. If you voiced an opinion that contradicted the Nazi dogma, you were made to "disappear." You were silenced, censored, and if necessary removed by force. People were driven from their homes, barred from congregating, and portrayed to the masses as dangerous subversives who posed a threat not only to the public safety but to the success of the nation as a whole. Nazi orators spoke out from their pulpits proclaiming themselves the defenders of all that is good and right in the world and demonizing anyone who opposed them, expressed a different point of view, or merely suggested there might be another way to go about things.

    Here's where it might not be so "respectful" to some people's minds. What group comes to MY mind when considering these characteristics? SJWs will immediately demonize anyone they feel is different from them (despite constantly proclaiming themselves as tolerant, accepting, and loving of all people in spite of any and all differences). SJWs will immediately pull out every cry-bully tactic in the book if someone expresses a contradictory view (they provoke, agitate, and troll, and when their actions are met with appropriate consequences, they play victim and sling further insults and accusations). SJWs demand that anyone and everyone who does not share their point of view must be censored, silenced, and/or forcibly removed for "offending and traumatizing" them (while not giving two shits whether they offend or "traumatize" anyone in the process of being absolute hypocrites). SJWs paint themselves as the unappreciated saviors of mankind while scoffing, mocking, or outright attacking anyone that goes about things a different way, has a different view, or is even indifferent on a topic. Ironic that the group who is so quick to brand everyone else in the world a "Nazi" has the most in common with them. That, at least, has been my personal experience with anyone who has ever adopted the SJW moniker or acted in a way that fits the defining characteristics of the SJW (someone who takes offense on behalf of a group or individual while implying some sort of "kinship" or "relation" when 99.9% of the time they have absolutely no connection whatsoever and are merely looking for any reason to start a flame war after which they can pretend to be the "victim," stir up more drama, and have legions of ignorant sheople flock to their defense because in this day and age nobody actually takes the time to question who is right or wrong. That has been my experience. As a straight, "cisgendered," white, Christian male in the furry fandom I am by no stretch of the imagination a stranger to the unbridled hypocrisy of those in and out of the fandom/community who CLAIM to stand for "Love, Tolerance, and Acceptance" and yet show absolutely NONE of these traits when actually faced with someone who is not a carbon copy of themselves.

    So I guess that could also answer one of your closing questions: no, this is not a problem solely confined to the furry fandom. I have my own ideas of how best to resolve or at least handle some of these issues, however. First step: practice what you preach. As you said, "if everyone is accepted, then accept everyone (paraphrased, I don't recall the exact wording). As for the race issues, in and out of the fandom, the solution is simple: if you want race to stop being an issue than STOP TALKING ABOUT IT. It absolutely boggles my mind that a person can say "we need to end racism" in one breath and with their very next breath it's all "black this" and "Asian that" and "___ of color" the other. STOP. That's not a "black man." He's just a man. That's not an "Asian woman." She's just a woman. How the hell can we STOP racism if we can't even stop talking in racial terms? There is only ONE race here: the human race.Why is the United Negro College Fund acceptable but if there was a scholarship that only "white" people could apply for, it would be racist? That's hypocrisy. And don't even get me started on people pulling the race card and then wondering why there's still racism.

    This turned out quite a bit more lengthy than I was planning...