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VIDEO: The Epic of Redwall | Culturally F'd Episode 47 by CulturallyFd

VIDEO: The Epic of Redwall | Culturally F'd Episode 47


Redwall is a vast fantasy epic that takes place in Mossflower region. Arrkay outlines and summarizes the history that led to the creation of Redwall abbey and touches on the political and religious structures that dictate the land.

This is only a SHORTENED CUT!!! The EXTENDED EDITION is exclusively on Culturally F'd's Patreon feed and for Newsletter subscribers!

Check out these Redwall maps:
Redwall Wiki interactive map
Redwall RISK Game
Reddit Thread:
Game Cards .zip download!xIpHDTSJ!cY6mUSS0ZK9b_UERPkw9FSt9OXJew7aBYvEw3TJuhM0
HQ Gameboard Map:!dIYVESAS!KTdGLmaIDoZ7uxv1tUvW8x2lK_9qelAEXPrVLNjQAm0

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    Is it weird to say "Redwall is the Fire Emblem of children's adventure novels"?