Pendleton by CROWFACED (critique requested)

Pendleton (critique requested)


20 April 2015 at 11:02:53 MDT

I wanted to say “Long live little brother Pendleton.” but I just played through the game for the first time so I can’t say that anymore. Ha. Ha. Ha….UNCONTROLLABLE SOBBING
At least he got a picture of himself in the centre like he always wanted.
Morgan was almost impossible to draw because he had to look just like Custis but with the lighting hitting his face differently.

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    Oh man I wanted to play this game again hehe. You did such a good job on the planes of the face, it really gives a spooky feel to the art

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      Finishing this game made me all empty inside so I made a new game almost instantly after to fill that hole, haha! Thank you very much!

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    Oh my god I love red lighting so much, and you nailed this. Those angular face planes are also just killer. But that white and red lighting is just rocking it.

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      Whoa, thank you for the wonderful compliment! I'm glad you like!

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    the composition and colors on this are gorgeous. I love how the blood drips stand out against the dark tones aa h