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keep ur head up, wine boy!! by CrookedAnchors

keep ur head up, wine boy!!


yes im an artist. yes i don't post for weeks. we exist.
ANYWHOOZLE i have been super busy for the past few weeks, so this took forever but AT LAST it is a shipping war attack/defense against @/the_flight_of_imagination on instagram (technically it could be against lau too bc the day i post this of course he has to post his OWN attack with travis lol i just hope that he will attack back with pollux bc im tired of drawing travis /hj lol
i never considered travis x pollux before. usually i ship him with will, but i was like hmmm who can i ship travis with to make lau happy, and VOILA pollux!! they are the same age range and have likely known each other at camp for a long time. both lost brothers in the war, so i feel as though they would feel closer after the war. travis hurts just as much as pollux does, but he knows he needs to be there for pollux and make him keep going when he doesn't want to anymore. i love them now.

Other versions of this drawing:

These characters belong to Rick Riordan. I used a reference by @/adorkastock for the poses. I used a photo reference for the bunkbed.

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