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dratie by CrookedAnchors



i call this drawing "trust the process" but also "i hate lineart" AND also "drawing is torture."

ANYWAYS, ahh this is for lau's ( shipping war thingy! i have never been involved in a shipping war or anything, but uh!! i wanted to try!! so, i think i did this right? i hope?? their original post was travis x katie (i included his drawing so u could see it,) so in response i did katie x drew... is that right? please help me i am very small and very stupid T~T

tbh i don't even ship dratie, but i see it on tik tok a lot, and also i don't rlly have a lot of ships with katie tbh! but depending on whatever responses come up, i might have to get a lil creative... my brain might combust into flames

anywhoozle, i hope this is okay... I'm a little self conscious about it because of reasons. i used my own katie design and based my drew off of the riordanverse official art.

These characters belong to Rick Riordan. They do not belong to me (sadly.)

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