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Comm - Goodra Going Alt. (Pokemon TF) by CrimsonRune

Comm - Goodra Going Alt. (Pokemon TF)


SURPRISE! There's one last, bonus, super special awesome extra Pokemon YCH I have to share, once again by the same artist as the rest @Kadvok! In this case however, we have one from outside of the Starter Set, tackling another, unrelated favorite Pokemon of mine hailing instead from the Kalos region - Goodra!

The scope of this one, as you can imagine, is much greater - not only because Goodra is so much larger than the other Pokemon we've seen today, but also because this time around we have two steps rather than one! These both see my femsona undergoing an evolution into a new and slimy form, one she looks like she's pretty content with if we're being honest...

As an added bonus, this one comes with both a regular and personalized, red color variant!

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