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I live a life of pain and hatred no one can ever know who I really am. I draw to express my hate and pain. I really like to grade peoples work. I just wanna be accepted by who you will know me and not by what I really am. I am quite secretive and love riddles and puns so beware. I am quite smart for my age my vocabulary has limits but I try to expand it as much as possible. I help others when and if I can. All I need for respect and love is respect in return. I love the band (POWERWOLF).

I don't need the internet to be an artist those who do are not making anything. They are using things that are handed to them by someone else that you do not know. I do not approve of such because it miss leads of what what you did and what you can do. I draw everything so if someone get their hands on it I have a copy to back me up.

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War Means

on 25 April 2014 at 05:49:54 MDT

War Means
War Means death
War Means destruction
War Means fire
War Means bombing
War Means sorrow
War Means turmoil
War Means tears
War Means guns
War Means blood
War Means confusion
War Means explosions
War Means mutilation
War Means sickness
War Means killing
War Means occupation
War Means loss
And lots more

But after one side
Or the other side
Has finally had enough
And lays down their arms
To surrender and give up

War Means Peace

© DevinSanders. All rights reserved

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    Thank you for your comments, particularly the positive ones, and while I don't mind critique I'd much prefer you didn't 'grade' my work. I create each individual piece for individual people and what it lacks or gains is a decision they make dependant on what they want and how much they pay for it. Without knowing the true quality, content and character aspects asked for I don't think it's fair you can just hand me letters... that is you can't grade a paper without first knowing the criteria. It may be your matter of opinion, and that's fair enough, but it can be a little degrading to someone who studied art for three years and understands that not everything needs to contain everything. Sorry about the rant but I'm out of school and university. I don't need letter grades throughout my career as well.

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      Quite sorry if I offended you in anyway and I will stop if you do not approve I learn from mistakes
      It just blinds me from the fact of the world that the world so a smoldering rusty blade that strives for the blood of its enemies necks
      And that no one can be trusted with your love the will steal the flame that keeps them warm just to dash it out as soon as you slip in life
      I can trust no one because of what happened so many years ago when my heart was young and wild but now it is a fortress that nothing can escape
      ^_^ dark and twisted souls protect me as I claw my wag through life with a empty flask.
      Agin sorry

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        I'll just take the first an last line and ignore all that random in the middle there. Thanks for understanding.