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Night Wish Batpony Plush by crescentmoon1996 (critique requested)

Night Wish Batpony Plush (critique requested)


18 March 2014 at 18:02:51 MDT

Say hi to my LOVELY OC batpony, Night Wish!! As soon as I adopted her, I fell in love, and knew that I had to plush her, and she was so much fun!
Original Pony:

Fun Facts:
~She is 13 1/2" tall from hoof to to top of her ears
~Her coat is made of Sand Colored Minky
~Her mane and tail is made out of Navy Blue Minky
~Her Eyes and Cutie Marks are made of High Quality Dark T-Shirt Iron on Transfers
~Her Wings are made of Brown faux unrefined leather and a Gold Satin
~Her Teeth are made of White Glacier Fleece and glued on
~She is stuffed with high quality fiber fill
~She is entirely hand sewn with thick embroidery thread
~Her mane is encrusted with over 50+ Swarovski Crystals, hand glued on one by one so she shimmers beautifully in the light
~Her earrings are small round gems attached with fabric glue, they are not removable
~Her beauty mark is drawn on with a Sharpie

Night Wish belongs to me
Night Wish was created by Rem-Ains
Eyes are created by VinylBecks
Cutie Mark Design and Vector are by Me
Body Pattern by DolphinWing and modified by Me
Mane, Tail, Wings, and Ear Pattern by Me

Night Wish is in no way for sale, she belongs to me

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Visual / Sewing / Knitting

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