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Amethyst Creates Art Trade by crescentmoon1996 (critique requested)

Amethyst Creates Art Trade (critique requested)


17 March 2014 at 17:54:35 MDT

Say hello to my best pony yet! This is my half of an art trade with the awesome SukiR , and with all the pattern modifications (Like a rounder rump, and a thinner head gusset so she can look forward more!) , and techniques I did with this one, she's just amazing and I'm so proud of her!

Fun Facts:
~She is 11 1/2" tall from hoof to to top of her ears
~Her coat is made of Royal Purple Minky
~Her mane and tail is made out of Canary Minky
~Her Eyes and Cutie Marks are made of High Quality Dark T-Shirt Iron on Transfers
~She is stuffed with high quality fiber fill
~She is entirely hand sewn with thick embroidery thread
~Her necklace is made with a Silver wired ribbon, and glued together; the gem is a large purple stone
~Her necklace has velcro attached to it, and is removable
~Her earrings are small round gems attached with fabric glue, they are not removable

Amethyst Creates belongs to SukiR (AmethystSuki)
Eyes are created by DatNaro and modified by Me
Cutie Mark Design is by SukiR and Vectored by Me
Body Pattern by DolphinWing and modified by Me
Mane and Tail Pattern by Me

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Visual / Sewing / Knitting

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