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[COMM] Happy Independence Day! by CreatureOfHabit

[COMM] Happy Independence Day!


My first ever chance to draw a skunk, and it's not just any skunk -- it's a 'Murican skunk!

I hope all of my fellow US furs had a great Fourth of July. What better, more wholesome way could there be to celebrate our insanely diverse culture than copious amounts of alcohol, backyard barbecue, and colorful pyrotechnics?

Although my family didn't get out the (proverbial) big guns this year for our own party, I got to enjoy the ambiance of local fireworks from midnight on July third all the way to the end of the fourth! To explain for those who don't live in the US -- this is very normal and yes, also legal... most of the time. Sometimes it gets dangerously dry due to the summer heat and the fire department starts getting nervous, LOL. Not this year, though!

To top off the holiday, the city always sets up a fantastic firework show every year at the fairgrounds, and I live so close, I can see and hear them from my porch. The show usually goes on for a few hours, but the mosquitoes were so bad, I ended up retreating after about thirty minutes and simply enjoyed the sound of explosions from the bug-proof comfort of my parents' kitchen.

How did you celebrate this year? Got any fun stories? Tell me all about it!

Thank you so much for your support, Josiah Higgenson! ♥