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Jezebel Reference Sheet [Flat Color] by CreatureOfHabit

Jezebel Reference Sheet [Flat Color]


I chose to do this one in flat colors just to show that it's something I can offer. I also grew very weary after drawing all those spots, and I had to get very real with myself -- Do I want to shade all these spots? Who else am I shading them for? In the end, I made an executive decision to make this piece flat-colored for the sake of my own sanity, as well as to provide an example of my flat-colored work, LOL. Enjoy!

Full Name: Jezebel Luna Velasquez
Species: Jackalope
Age: Late Twenties
Gender: Female
Height: 5'0" (not including antlers)

Jezebel grew up in the same town and attended the same schools as Patch Grauenhaft, whom she considers her best friend. Although they are complete opposites, she understands how to speak his language and respects his boundaries, hoping to help him cope with his problems by supporting his positive interests and providing him with a voice of care. She is a loosely-religious Christian, but also dabbles in new-age mysticism and witchcraft. A vivacious, high-energy tomboy, she enjoys working with machinery and is currently employed as a mechanic in the local car shop. She usually wears cut-off denim shorts and vests over a collection of colorful t-shirts, and has a gold cross necklace she almost never takes off.

Jez is full of passion and faith. She believes deeply that there is an element of good in everyone and that God or karma will eventually right the rest. She gives her love freely to those who need it, and is often the person called upon to provide support when a friend, acquaintance, or family member is having a hard time. She does her best to be the peacemaker in her chaotic social circle, but these efforts are often hit-or-miss due to her optimistic, borderline-naive and easily distracted personality. She isn't exactly a doormat, however, and will beat the shit out of someone with a monkey wrench when she absolutely must. She is very close to her massive family, especially to her loving mother, a prize-winning seamstress and craft hobbyist.

Jez's main coat color is the color of wet beach sand, spotted all over with a darker, muddy shade of brown. Her eyes are a sparkling blue-violet, and her bushy tail features an off-white splash on its underside. A pale eggshell-colored dot rests between her forehead like a bindi. Her hair is the same color as her spots and is often cut short, styled with gel into a spunky faux-hawk. Her antlers grow and fall off every year, and her mother still has her first pair in a decorated shoebox. During the early months, they are spongy, soft, and coated with a velvet skin. Over the course of the year, they harden and shed that velvet, eventually becoming the proud, pointed antlers of an adult jackalope. They then fall off at some point in the winter and begin to regrow, budding every spring.