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Karma the Saber-Toothed Snow Leopard by CreatureOfHabit

Karma the Saber-Toothed Snow Leopard


30 July 2019 at 12:44:54 MDT

I crossed paths with a very pleasant person in the r/furry Discord server, and we got to talking about different designs and art experiences. They mentioned not seeing many snow leopards in the community, and I mentioned that I would love to draw a snow leopard sometime. We also talked about how boring it could get, drawing the same handful of characters all the time, or, alternatively, how stressful it could get to have to come up with a brand new, completely original design for every piece. It just so happened that this person had a snow leopard fursona, and they offered their design as a reference so I could add a snow leopard to my portfolio!

I don't usually draw free art for strangers, but the character design was so interesting and fun and the idea got so stuck in my head that I had to put it into practice. Thanks for letting me borrow your character, Karma! Drawing her was a joy! ♥