[GIFT] Books By The Window by CreatureOfHabit

[GIFT] Books By The Window


30 July 2019 at 12:41:04 MDT

The final, completed piece!

Yes, I was kind of sneaky about this, but I had to be! Otherwise, ZoelNoOne would have figured it out! ヽ(・ ロ ・)ノ

A long time ago, back before I even had a digital tablet, Zoel was kind enough to accept a request to trade art. They made a lovely picture of my fursona, Habit, running through a prehistoric exhibit in a museum with one of their characters, Bandit, in tow. Although we have continued to exchange art and even officially collaborated since then and they insisted that we were even, I never quite felt that their half of the trade had been properly matched until now!

I also figured that it was high time I present Zoel with something beautiful, and what could be more beautiful than the quiet, happy peace experienced between two friends while reading books together by an open window?