Sweet Dreams by Cracker

Sweet Dreams


28 September 2015 at 04:41:27 MDT

Being relegated to performing the tribe's weaving and stitching requirements isn't all bad. It can actually lead to a few modest benefits - such as the ability to create huggable life-sized effigies of your crushes. Now all Klava has to do is think of an excuse when someone eventually asks where all the fabric has gone.

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    I like this picture, but it's a little sad, too. It reminds me of a story my mother, a retired nurse, told me of a woman that arrived one night during her ER rotation. She was a pedestrian who was hit by a car. When they undressed her to check her for injuries, they found she was wearing underwear that was very out of style and had been patched and repaired many times. Later, when she regained consciousness my mother discovered that she was so painfully shy that she was too embarrassed to shop for new underwear and was still wearing the sets her mother bought for her in high school.

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      that's not too uncommon actually. have registered a few patients in my ER that had similar things going (thankfully they later got some "men's/women's safety shelter" kinda things going to help 'em out a bit)

      personally, i kind of imagine this type of thing as a common past era or even in fantasy realms theme for undies too though. (not the body-shy, but more like "wearing resewn clothing of all kinds)

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    this is a cute piece. kinda makes me think of how i get when cuddling one of my plushies during the winter. :)