Adventure April 7 by Cowboypunk

Adventure April 7


9 April 2018 at 15:28:57 MDT

Stopping to chat with a traveling mouse who only walks upside down in the labyrinth to avoid detection.

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    Like them all, but especially like that mouse! You boiled 'mouse' down SO well to its simplest parts.

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      Aw, shucks~
      (and mice are admittedly one of my go-to doodle subjects lol)

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    what the.... how? ....
    I love it XD

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      Actually based off a mouse we caught and kept. She was extra tiny and ridiculously acrobatic; we've owned a lot of mice before, but none have ever insisted on climbing around on the ceiling of the cage as much as she did. She got so skilled at jumping over a foot onto the ceiling so quickly, she would basically just teleport to it from the floor with zero prep, and then scurry around on it for half the day.

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        Wow, what an interesting story.
        We own a bunch of rats, one of them is quite jumpy and the youngest once are insanely addicted to climbing (while the first one we had was, and still is, a brute in strength. She's called Elvis.) But we've never had seen one of our rats climbing upside down. :D

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          Ahh! Rats are so good! I don't think any of my rats ever climbed upside down, though, only the mice