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Rampage by CosmicTrashbag



About time for me to finally upload the tragic tale of Extriverse Rampage...
Prepare for sadness ahead.

  • Rampage is a terrible tale of caution and grief.

  • Megatron forbade emotional, specifically romantic, bonds amongst his troops, decreeing them as a ‘weakness’. Naturally emotions aren’t exactly the easiest to control.

  • Rampage was the product of such a thing, an accidental spark forged in error, a, then nameless, sparkling brought to Megatron to have their fate decided.

  • Soundwave wanted to take the Sparkling and raise it among the gaggle of minions he already had. He’d make them an amazing soldier.

  • Megatron was outraged, look at this, this… this… WASTE of resources! This USELESS liability! So what if it could be raised into an amazing soldier that’d take FAR too long!

  • Unless…

  • So began Rampage’s horrid fate. He was thrown to Shockwave as an experiment. At least he could be of SOME use then.

  • Shockwave had some minor objections to the surgeries but Megatron pushed him otherwise and sometimes performed the experiments himself. Mostly wanting to ensure it was being done right, and to make a point. Who knows who the point was being made to? Shockwave? Other ‘cons?

  • Rampage’s soft malleable body quickly began showing lumps and bumps as a shocking variety of code was forced through his system, hastily pushed software was forcefully installed, his natural data flows cut and mixed.

  • Most of the time Rampage was a shivering, weeping mess of a… thing.

  • Megatron had enough of using them as a guinea pig and ordered them be mobilised in battle.

  • Rampage’s messed up form was put straight into an adult-frame, one specially built to be excellent in battle.

  • Alas, the torment of being locked away in the dark, experimented on endlessly only to be bolstered by the advanced sensor array of the custom adult battle frame feeding an incredible influx of data to his waning processor caused him to break.

  • Rampage broke free of his restraints, the rampant wild code from numerous experiments clashed and his shattered mind surged energy through his body way too rapidly for it to cope.

  • His body couldn’t handle it, his systems began overheating and melting, the advanced ‘self-repair code’ mutation he was granted to aid him as a soldier regenerated as fast as it melted, broken structures stretched and peeled open as terrified scientists fled.

  • It did them no good as the raging beast could no longer think beyond its own pain and rage and chased them down, painting the walls with frenzied streaks of blood and cyber-organs.

  • Wild and deranged the newly dubbed Rampage smashed his head against the walls eventually breaking through, the outside world was huge, bigger than anything the remains of his infant mind had seen before and the cold air clashed furiously with his overabundance of heat.

  • Rampage let out a blood-curdling howl as he surged forwards like a one-mech natural disaster, and for all intensive purposes he was.

  • Buildings, landscapes, soldiers, they all fell, didn’t matter which side they marched for, they were mowed down.

  • Energy billowed and crackled from him like an untamed volcano, whether his head split apart and blasted foes or his claws shredded the densest of metals nothing seemed to phase this beast.

  • He even stood still, barely noticing the shots fired at him as he ripped apart his latest victims, all faceless lumps to him, and consumed them, his burning systems blazing through his energy reserves so fast he ate anything with a jolt of power to keep his collapsing systems going.

  • The Decepticons refused to claim responsibility for Rampage and the Autobots struggled under the dual assault of the Decepticons and Rampage, with a little bit of manipulation to angle his relentless assault more towards Autobot territories than Decepticons.

  • Scientists and strategists teamed up to try and figure out how to put an end to this monstrosity. Just looking at him, surely this creature will die on it’s own accord soon, it was melting itself from the inside out! It’ll die!

  • Evidently it was not enough as Rampage made his way through a destroyed camp ignoring the sole survivor nearly crushed by burning rubble.

  • Having witnessed everyone under his protection slaughtered and friends eaten by Rampage, an Autobot named Depth Charge went on his own warpath.

  • Depth Charge was the only known mech to survive a close encounter with Rampage more than once as his mission of vengeance consumed his world.

  • As Rampage’s ceaseless advance continued, Depth Charge found a harrowed and distraught scientist named Rhinox. A mech who had hidden himself away from the world out of fear of his own creation, a terrifying weapon! The Energon Destroyer! Capable of destroying the bonds between the cells of almost anything containing Energon is was lethal to all life on Cybertron. It took much begging and loud arguments before Rhinox finally allowed some of his creation to pass to Depth Charge’s possession.

  • Shortly after Rhinox, for fear of his discovery being used again by anyone, destroyed himself and his research with the remaining Energon Destroyer.

  • As dawn broke on a desolate field of destruction following in the wake of the burning, smoking heap of fury that is Rampage, the assault began, Depth Charge and a small group of wary Autobots charged the enemy firing at him and hurling bombs distracting him this way and that while Depth Charge crept closer.

  • His plan halted briefly by Seaspray, who begged Depth Charge to not go ahead with whatever he was planning, desperately pleading for his friend back, for the last member of his trine to remain with him, to please… don’t go.

  • Depth Charge seemingly agreed, and turned to go with Seaspray. Until he was sure the slower mech had got a safe distance away and Depth Charge changed direction and charged head-on at Rampage, a furious broiling burst of rage emanating from his vocal unit, getting Rampage’s attention as the two clashed in a blinding burst as the weapon in Depth Charge’s possession went off.

  • And now, after the tragedy of the thousands upon thousands of lives lost to Rampage the only thing left to tell the tale of agony was a crater of scoured ground unable to host life anymore.

  • The horrific wounds of that day still run deep in many mechs today.

  • Especially the two that remained after the blast that finally destroyed the beast Rampage. Seaspray stayed, staring at the smouldering crater where his last closest friend once was.

  • The other, stood waiting with flames licking at his back until the scanner readings determined that it was safe to head into the crater. Reaching down they found the only remaining chunk of metal in the craters depth. A broken horntip, a droplet of optical lubricant fell onto the horntip “I’m sorry Rampage, you didn’t deserve this” a wavering voice uttered, before placing the tip into their storage, vowing that rather than a monster they shall look at this chunk of metal and remember a small innocent sparkling. And with that, Soundwave silently returned to the Decepticon base and stood silently as Megatron poured out Energon rations announcing a toast to the destruction of that “miserable abomination against nature” as if it wasn’t born from his command.

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