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Alpha Trion by CosmicTrashbag

Alpha Trion


I put the choice of which bot to do next up to tumblr as a poll and Alpha hit two votes first (with the second being Elita to hit 2 a short while after and none for Trailbreaker, which tbf, good I haven't got as many ideas for him yet lol)

  • Alpha Trion was sparked to a particularly wealthy family and was raised among other “”like-minded”” bots.

  • While it is not so visible here, he does have four legs.

  • As such he ended up being dumped with a young Megatron a lot and in his early days, followed his example.

  • Alpha Trion soon realised Megatron was an entitled sack of scrap and noticed that a lot of the folks around him were also, generally, the same and kept as much wealth to themselves while pretending they weren’t at fault for economic issues. So he vowed to never be this way and cut contact with Megatron, aiming to improve himself.

  • This thinking of his was brushed off as a “phase” and whenever he tried to sneak in wage increases or better employee care, his ideas were swiftly overwritten.

  • Sick of this he began to sneak out as much as possible and got himself a job at a nearby Dock.

  • However, he was small and noodly compared to the other dock workers and could barely lift a quarter of the weight some of them could.

  • Despite this the dock workers took a shine to him, and found him some of the lighter boxes he could ferry around.

  • Plus it was better than watch him try his best to move a crate all on his own for half an afternoon, they were worried he was going to snap his own spinal strut with the way he spent so long pulling. They couldn’t faut him for lack of trying.

  • It was at these docks he was swept of his feet, quite literally, by one of the dock workers.

  • His outings were discovered quite quickly, especially as he took to spending more and more time at the docks and more with his new flame.

  • His romantic inclination with someone “below his caste” was wildly disapproved of, and Alpha Trion found himself thrown out from his family, he only kept a fairly decent job sorting records in Iacon so his family could “save face”.

  • Alpha Trion didn’t care, not really, he was free now and could be with his beloved. Yet, sometimes he was still called back to some ‘high-end shindig’ and every time it was… awkward. He still grew up with these people, he still… cared on some level, but now they looked at him like he was filth or a charity case at best.

  • It was here that he ran into Megatron a lot again. He hadn’t changed a jolt, often threw money and mechs at him in a gloating effort of “here why don’t you come to your senses and at least pick someone of any worth” or to show off how “wonderful” he was for “gracefully” giving his money to the disgrace.

  • Alpha resented his previous life more and more, and began donating as much money as he could into Cybertrons various educational resources. He practically lived up to his name! Afterall, he is named after Altripha Prime, the Prime of intelligence and wisdom.

  • All of this really did change, however, when he and his partner decided for Sparklings. While ecstatic they were successful it came with many complications, complications that left Alpha all alone with nothing to show for his long love other than the two peacefully sleeping Sparklings in his care.

  • It took a long time for him to grieve, not entirely helped by the demand of two little ones, but he found throwing himself entirely into their care gave him some peace of mind and helped him to search for answers easier later.

  • Little Orion and Elita were his pride and joys… they still are in fact!

  • Ever supportive and sweet Alpha was that parent who’d sit with his kids and join in with their interests. Even if he had zero clue what was going on and wouldn’t be able to tell you anything about it an hour later he just wanted to spend time with them.

  • Proud of Elita when she bacame a dock worker and gave Orion as many tips as he could when he followed Alpha into record keeping.

  • It was Alpha who managed to pull a few strings to get Orion a librarian job when he got fired and encouraged him to do what was right when Orion came to him with an issue he refused to elaborate on.

  • Deeply regrets not doing something in his youth to have prevented the war. Namely regretting not pushing Megatron into a pit of acid or something or at the very least slapping the brat a few times. With an axe.

  • Sobbed a little when Orion became Optimus, Elita likes to throw a few jokes at him over this (She sees where Optimus and totally only Optimus gets his sappy side from cough)

  • He never quite became as strong as he wished he could during the war and remained forever in the background, using his skills towards base designing and making concepts of new defences where he could.

  • He may have gone overboard trying to design the perfect base for Elita when Optimus went missing in an offworld mission.

  • Forever wishes for a sign from his dead mate that “I did good with the kids… right?”

  • Glad he got to see both his kids, side-by-side again one last time before he died…

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