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BWII: Rupture and Paradrox by CosmicTrashbag

BWII: Rupture and Paradrox


A BWII design for my beebs Rupture and Paradrox! Although in this AU they’re not the oldest kids having three older brothers. Info below

Name: Rupture and Paradrox
Height: 5.25m (as adults)
Faction: Destrons/Predacons
Alt mode: Two-headed ‘cyborg’ dragon.


The arrival of Hibiscus was no surprise to anyone although it took a little time for Nemetron and Lio Junior to adapt to being big brothers, it made the addition of twins shortly after a bit smoother. Galvatron was positively glowing the entire time while carrying, a scan showing twins only made him more abuzz with glee.

A little dazed after their emergence, Cyclonus was allowed to name them both resulting in their ‘tougher’ names.

The older of the two, Rupture is quiet and curious and much more likely to poke ‘icky’ and gooey things. Quiet, introverted they also have a slightly short temper and when young would bite when their patience ran out, Uncle Megastorm was usually the victim to this, thankfully they grew out of it. Being as quiet as they are they often enjoy hanging around with BB a lot.
They show great fondness for Annelids, specifically ones with an appetite for blood.

The far more energetic of the two and often seen running about with their older brothers or pestering some of the other Predacons (albeit banned from Starscreams personal space after knocking over some of his favourite chassis wax, oops). Predacons also find the need to hide valuables away from them as they can’t resist pulling things apart and tinkering with them.


  • Rupture is on the Autistic spectrum and part of their love for poking sticky ‘icky’ things is actually part of their preferred stimming method.

  • Starscream calls them both “Fluffbutt” or any variant of it, it caught on.

  • Paradrox claims they have a “twinstinct”.

  • Their tail-head does not have it’s own personality and is not sentient.

  • As much as they’re not allowed in his personal areas Paradrox often gets some tutoring from Starscream due to their enjoyment of fiddling with equipment in an attempt to help guide it to safer goals.