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A family of vampire ducks + 1 zombie BF by CosmicTrashbag

A family of vampire ducks + 1 zombie BF


Inspired by staring at a friends discord icon for too long here's a Count Duckula AU! Yes, you read that right!

Here we have Count MegaduckMegatron head vampire and commander of an underground vampire crime ring.
He decided he wanted heirs but was disappointed when he got twin girls, naturally, he proceeded to also blame their deceased mother for their rebellious attitudes, while putting in minimal effort to actually raise them.

Arcee ruined an entire portion of his enterprise when she joined a task force designed to specifically target Megatrons crime ring. Because fuck him.
Galvatron (Who is Genderfluid) can’t bear to harm things so sucked at Megatrons torture-games. He lives in a flat in Scotland and gets his blood from the local butchers, much to Megatrons disappointment.
Megastorm was Megatrons second attempt at an heir. He’s spoiled and thoroughly inept but blames this on his older siblings whom he tries to dispose of. Arcee beat the crap out of him for it so he’s now scared of her, but Galvatron is a soft touch and loves his baby bro obliviously.

Cyclonus died a long time ago but got stitched back together again and resurrected with a dash of magic. He lives with Galvatron in his flat and likes wearing loose clothes that don’t bother his stitches. Boyfriend to Galvatron? oooh no whatever do you mean? Yes. Yes he is.

And there you have it!

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