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TFA: Rups and Droxy by CosmicTrashbag

TFA: Rups and Droxy


Sometimes this duo gets referred to as the “Parature twins” despite Paradrox being the younger of the two.

Wee ones weren't on the menu for the Decepticon rulers but being freed from Unicrons monotonous death-only programming seemed to make every other system in their CPU's run.
With shaky frames and wonder in their optics their makers vowed to do the best they could for them in their post-apocalyptic world.

Absolutely identical down to the tone of their vocal unit they take pride in being confusing! Or at least Paradrox does.
If it’s not already obvious, they’re the wild card of the duo, Paradrox is the tinkerer who can barely leave anything mechanical alone and has to play around with everything. They’re the more social of the two and have a processor that tends to race at a mile a minute with spontaneous thoughts making them easily distractable and quite spontaneous even if they tend to forget dates and never sit still without moving something.

Rupture is the more calm and calculated one of the two, often coming off as unintentionally aloof and cold, not helped by a dash of stubborn-ness. They much prefer the company of their Energon Leeches to that of other mecha as they feel they ‘understand’ them more. They are somewhat aware of this ‘social lacking’ and feel somewhat distressed by it and their inability to ‘fix’ it but thankfully Droxy is there to help them out and in turn Rups keeps Droxy ‘in the moment’.

• They both go by “They/Them” pronouns.
• Rupture is Autistic.
• When younger Paradrox couldn’t quite pronounce the word and called it a “OT stick” and thought it was just a special extra part built into them that made them “extra cool” now older Droxy does understand Autism more but still calls it the “OT stick” as a bit of a inside joke with Rupture.
• Rupture has a pet Energon Leech named Nipper whom they adore dearly.
• This also leads Rupture to have a bad habit of forgetting to wipe leech slime off themselves.
• Rupture has experimented on Nipper a fair bit which is why they are an abnormal size and have a extended life span.
• Paradrox once built a bomb that when detonated, filled the entire base with blueberry jam. No one wants to know how.
• Rupture eventually engages in a relationship with Scope.
• They will get a little bit taller later on in life being the exact same height as their creators.
• Galvatron was their carrier, Cyclonus the sire.

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