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TFA: Demolishor and 'Cyclone' by CosmicTrashbag

TFA: Demolishor and 'Cyclone'


Demolishor and Cyclonus from "Transformers Armada" but in the Animated style and a new name for Cyclonus I do plan on eventually, hopefully, having them in the TFA story too.

Demolishor info:
• Demolishor takes what you’d imagine of a Decepticon and throws it out the window. Not that he doesn’t believe in the Decepticon cause, or isn’t willing to blast an enemy to smithereens, he just has a big spark pulsing in that equally big chassis and will forever rush to an allies aid if they need so much as the slightest help. The big tank was naturally devastated when it was spread among the Decepticons how Megatron had lied and manipulated them all towards his selfish desires and obviously had his reservations about the new guy in charge, but Galvatron shared his rather puppy-like enthusiasm for helping others and Demolishor was grateful to finally have a honest, trustworthy leader. He may not be the brightest bulb in the box but his honest determination and care for his allies and a better future make him the most dependable guy about.
• He’s roughly the same height as Strika.
• No one knows how he or Cyclone became friends but they’re almost inseparable. Largely because Demo is likely helping to clear up the latest mess Cyclone has caused.
• That being said Cyclone can easily rope him into a silly scheme as he doesn’t mind goofing off when he has the chance.
• Worked with Cyclone under the leadership off a not-often-seen Destron (Armada!Galvatron).
• The ‘pods’ on his forearms store the ammunition that he can fire from his fingers.
• He likes plasters, specifically the ones with cute faces/animals on and will sometimes wear some just for decoration.
• Was absolutely thrilled to bits when Galvatron made him the official Earth contact between Decepticons and the Earth Team.
• As such he spends a lot of time on Earth, he enjoys hanging out with Bulkhead the most and thinks Bulkhead is the best.

Cyclone info:
• With Cyclone it’s either 0 or 100 no in between, he seems to have no fear, for better or for worse. The copter is excessively energetic, excitable and wild to the point where he actively scares other Decepticons. The fact he cackles like a maniac or giggles like a madbot 90% of the time reeeeally doesn’t help. Like Demolishor he’s not going to win any brainiac awards any time soon and his preferred tactic is usually to dive in without any forethought. If you can keep his attention for long enough (and withstand the laughter) he’s not too bad and will always cheer up a pal.
• Despite his size and more slender build he is strong and has been known to fly while carrying Demolishor around.
• He’s been known to keep on going ‘til he drops and has on more than one occasion just fell to the floor and slept where he landed.
• If he’s not doing something stupid, he’s asleep. They seem to be his two states of being.
• Worked along side Demo with a Destron, he seems to have a ‘close’ relationship with this Destron.
• Despite his claims that they have no morale he ironically keeps the morale up through various humorous antics. Well, until said antics get out of hand.
• Demo is jokingly called “Cyclone’s impulse control”.
• Accompanied Demo to Earth, and makes cheeky grins whenever he sees Demo and Bulkhead interacting.

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