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TA-Kayden's Stats by conformalsquid

TA-Kayden's Stats


Kayden is incredibly weaker than most of the others on the Teen Anthros team when it comes to muscle, but what xe lack in brawn, xe makes up for in witt and speed, in xyr lightning imp form, xe can travel at the speed of light. Xyr electric powers makes it easy to stun or paralyse most opponents. In xyr juiced up imp form, you'll wish lightning never did strike twice as that's exactly how it feels to be stuck by xyr electrical energy.
Xe has the ability to control electronics by means of possession however xe can face dificulties if the computer xe is attempting to control has a strong fire wall as anti viruses and anti hacking software can attack xem.

Strengths: Technopathy, lighting powers, speed, intelligence, Possession over electronics
Weaknesses: Physically weak, low pain tolerance, high pitched and loud noises, rubber (and various other non conductive things), PTSD (can go into a panic attack if triggered; xe will freeze up, cry, hypoventilate becomes physically ill and becomes very tired afterwards)

I’ll do one for Blade and Huntress in the future c:

also do not accuse me of slapping on mental disorders, this is my fursona and I suffer from PTSD myself.

Art & Character (Kayden Hunter) © Me

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