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I draw crap (obviously lmao). My fandoms include Furry, MLP (not a brony tho ew), Kill La Kill, PaSwG, Gurren Lagann, FLCL, Homestuck, Minecraft, Pokemon, Bioshock and Crash Bandicoot. I'm a feminist and queer rights activist and I can be quite mouthy on these subjects I guess XD. I love animals, mostly snakes, geckos, cats and bandicoots.
I am autistic, so some things might fly completely over my head, but I'll probably get it if better explained. I also suffer from severe social anxiety and PTSD, I am trying to get better but it's taking a while so don't fret if I take a while to reply to you, I can have trouble doing so sometimes.

3DS Friendcode: 5386-8520-0384

As long as you're not an asshole, we'll get along well I'm quite friendly to those who are friendly to me ^^



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Pay what you want

until I can come up with a new commission sheet, I've decided to open PWYW commissions!

Examples in my gallery!


-closed- Gurren Lagann icon for thealphastormy

Terms and Conditions

Prices start at $5 for anything that's a coloured sketch to cell shading. However for more complex shading as seen here and here I will ask for $15 or higher. This kind of work takes a lot of time and leaves me pretty tired afterwards, please understand.

At least half of the payment is required upfront before I work. I will work up to the sketch stage for flat work and the flat coloured stage for shaded work and then require the rest of the payment to finish. I do send WIPs for the sketch and flat colour stages.

I reserve the right to decline a commission request I'm uncomfortable with given reason, please don’t take this offensively <:3

I reserve the right to change prices based on circumstances of both personal agenda, your request, and if there is a deadline.

If you wish to cancel, please contact me ASAP. If I haven’t started yet, you can get a full refund, if I have, I will still charge you for the work I have done.

Note with details, references and any other information required with your commission request. Please refrain from sending payment until I confirm this request and add you to the list. Please try to be specific with your request, especially for character designs, I’d really hate to make you pay for something that wasn’t up to your expectations. That said, I will give you updates on progress given the type of commission on my tumblr art blog.

I will not post 18+ work on dA, censored or not. All 18+ work will be featured on my art tumblr and on my FA, so by all means, check it out there c:

Please note I seldom do owed work on Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Tuesdays I usually have an appointment with my therapist so I can't do much work and the weekends I like to relax and have a break from responsibilities.

Please don't rush me, I get pretty easily stressed out which makes it harder for me to work. It's fine to come ask me every now and then about progress and I'll be happy to provide information on such matters, but please don't do it constantly.

These terms and prices are for non-commercial work. Please let me know first of the bat if you want my work for commercial use so we can work things out better. Otherwise I retain most rights to the work, you may print a copy for personal use and re-upload to your gallery (you must post the watermarked version and please link back in the description) but do not make money from my work unless we have discussed it and come to an agreement.

Please do not put anything in the optional comments part when you send the money through paypal, I may get my account locked if that happens. This is very important.


adult cub or minors in any sexual situation
Hate art
Rape, sexual harassment (excluding tentacles)
overly detailed characters like mechas, ect. (not that I don't want to, more that I can't ;w; )
Breathplay, drowning, hanging, asphyxiation, ect.
My Sonas in a sexual situation with your characters. Sorry, I have a mate and I'm only willing to have my sonas drawn with his in this way. I have plenty of other OCs you can use instead.


pretty much anything else, including scat, watersports, diapers, ect, as long as your request doesn't clash with my prior terms. However you will have to pay extra for these as they come under my definition of extreme fetish. If you are unsure if your fetish comes under my definition of extreme fetish, please ask me, I will not shun you for it.
Please note that I also may not upload work with extreme fetishes but you are welcome to do so in your own gallery.

Also understand that while I may draw your fetish I may not be interested in it.

When asking for a commission, you must say "I have read and agreed to your terms and conditions of service". If you do not, I will assume you haven't read them and will simply ask you to do so, I want to make sure people understand my terms. If you refuse to read these terms, I will not work for you.

thank you for your interest (◕‿◕✿)

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