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I go by Juli, and I'm from.. well.. pretty much the middle of nowhere. I'm primarily a traditional artist, though I do occasionally play around with making digital things. I make a lot of fanart, art of my own characters, and otherwise random things with various different mediums.

I enjoy things such as video games, some shows, and collecting records. My favorite games would probably be Animal Crossing, Luigi's Mansion, and Skyrim, though I do play things other than that of course. I like shows such as Steven Universe, iZombie, Wilfred, and AHS. My favorite musician would probably be David Bowie, though I like quite a bit more than that.

I take all of my classes online, so during better times I'm able to spend quite a lot of time on my art. As of late I've been putting more effort into being productive, practicing more, and improving my art, so hopefully I'll be posting quite a lot over the upcoming year.



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Emergency Paypal Commissions

on 7 April 2017 at 00:31:15 MDT

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Hello! I'm going to be opening emergency commissions for a while because my dog is sick. I've been able to borrow the money to pay the vet bills once I'm able to bring him home, but I'm not able to get a job/make money in other ways so I'm unable to pay back this money.

We don't completely know what's wrong with him yet, as he's still at the vet. So far they've found an infection and they're trying to make sure that was it. But between the visit bill, the IV drip, the xrays, the bloodwork, the antibiotics, and so on it's added up to quite a bit.

All of the information for the various types of commissions I'll be taking are below.

I'm asking for payment up front, as usual refunds will be provided if I am unable to complete your commission for any reason.

Partial Body; / /
~+$1.50 per extra character
~Transparent, solid color, or partially transparent color background
~+$1.50 for simple backgrounds

Large Icons; / /
~+$1.50 per matching icon
~Will be 1000x1000
~Will have a transparent, solid color, or partially transparent color background
~+$1.50 for simple background

Simple Refs;
~Can be completely sfw or fully nsfw
~Nsfw refs will come with a seperate sfw ref

Group Refs;
~$5 base price
~+$2.50 per extra character or different version of the character
~Can have closeups of important areas, as with the single ref shown above

Fullbodies; / /
~+$1.75 per extra character
~Will have a transparent, solid color, or partially transparent color background
~+$1.50 for a simple background

Please fill out this form in the comments or note me
What you want;
Character ref (any species, feral or anthro!);
Any extra characters (their refs please);
Email (so I can send it to you when finished);

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