IPL Battle Gyarados vs Armaldo by CoiledDragon

IPL Battle Gyarados vs Armaldo


10 September 2014 at 08:36:36 MDT

SO I had to ask for an extension to finish this piece, but im prety glad with the final turn out!! I still have a lot to learn in terms of highlighting though... Gonna start practicing on that..

BUT, for The IPL on Deviantart, this is my first battle since rejoining! I chose to battle my bff Chari-Artist. Her piece can be found here Click Me! and ironically we ended up choosing the same pokemon to fight each-other! Kyas team is not very well suited for underwater battling, however, so Armaldo was a key player ^^; We chose to have an Underwater Theme so... Here, my Gyarados, Bonnie, is preparing an Iron head! I Didnt want to do the generic glowy head thing for Iron Head, so I went a little different and made it as if her crest had grown a layer of iron as she goes in for the attack! Bugsy, the armaldo is preparing an X-scissor, to counter the iron head and maybe stop Bonnie in her tracks for a moment!

I had SO much fun doing this, however twice I nearly lost the file, and twice DID loose all the work I did on the Armaldo D: however, I adore how well my background came together ;; I love water scenes, and had this craving to do something half-submerged. If it doesn't look like Bonnies flow is proper, thats intentional; water refraction does that!

All in all this took about... 12-14 hours total on Paint Tool SAI!

Art/Bonnie (c) Jordanna Cooke
Bugsy (c) Chari Artist
Pokemon (c) Nintendo

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