Hello. My name is Cogfell. I go by another name too, it's "Hailee Bear Artist".

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My first and last ever journal entry.

on 23 March 2019 at 20:56:11 MDT

I will not talk to anyone on the internet ever again. If you message me, expect no responses. I will not speak to any of you ever again. This is not a plea for help. I’m done being everyone’s emotional punching bag. I’m so sick of everyone asking me to draw something for them without even looking into what I do.

Well, this is the end. For me, for Casey, for Clyde, for Jackson, all of the characters that I tried to get out there, but with no success, nothing. I barely speak, and when I want to talk to someone, they end up throwing their issues onto me. A person they don’t even know. Why should I still even be here if I just do nothing but draw? I’m sick of being here, all of this hate, all of this melancholy, this pain, it sickens me. If I stay on the internet any longer, I’ll just become numb and become like the rest of you. Staring at a monitor, pouring my emotions out onto social media for strangers to see what the hell I’m up to. I should have never signed up for any of the platforms I’m on.

Why should anyone be interested in my life? Why should anyone be interested in what I’m doing? Why should everyone be interested in who I am in person? You are all fucking creeps. All of you. Tumblr, Twitter, SoFurry, Furiffic, YouTube, DeviantArt, all of it.

I’m so sick of being here.

Farewell, you intrusive people.

PS. If you ever find my art anywhere in person, don’t come searching for me. You’ll only find a dead end.

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