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Hello friends and strangers! For those who may recognize me, I'm YoshiTails54 from deviantArt, or darknader from FurAffinity.

I hope you all enjoy my work :3


[I will be updating commission status by the start of next year]

UPDATE 12/22/2012: Yesterday, 8 of my submissions were flagged as inappropriate namely because the characters in said images looked "too young".

Quite honestly, most to all of my characters are within the range of my own age. That being 18 - 19. But I admit myself that I realize how much my style can mislead someone into thinking I'm drawing under-aged groups. I've had some individuals remark on that before as well, but... well, I can't help it XD; it's an evolving style I've had going for a while.

Besides, I only joined this site to showcase my art a bit, become a little more known to pull in more customers for commissions so... If you would like to see my main gallery for clean artwork, I'd suggest visiting my dA:

My main mature / adult gallery:

as well as darknader@InkBunny

Thank you for your time!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Latest Journal

Alright! 8D

Omg, I didn't know we had to rate our journal entries now for general or matured purposes XD

but anyway, I'm glad to be a part of this lovely new site! And may I say, I'm loving it so far XD

I will be taking commissions soon. As of now, I have 3 drawings to get done. My final commission, an art trade, and a secret santa for a deviant on deviantArt .w .

I will be updating commission prices and such along with new disclaimers by the start of next year, so if you like my artwork and wish to commission me, be on the lookout for that!

I hope you guys enjoy my stuff and I hope to inspire and / or make new friends here!


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    Cutie art!~

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    QwQ Oh god,i'm so glad i clicked on your profile! Your work is adorable! Would you ever consider doing a trade with me?^^ I have a character in mind that would look very very adorable in your style

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      Ahhh Thank you so much ^-^ I'm happy you enjoy my works. And sure, an art trade is possible, however, allow me to clear up more off of my current commission queue x3

      I'm not very active here on Weasyl ;;; I'm HIGHLY active on FurAffinity though, at

      I'll probably forget about this comment OTL ahh I'm sorry. I'll try to remember. I also need to upload dump my art here on Weasyl XD; I've drawn and uploaded so much art elsewhere that it needs to catch up here

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        Oooh,Okay! That's awesome,i look forward to all teh art you'll be upload and i'll wait till you're done with your comissions. Good lukc with those :)

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    thanks for the watch and faves!

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      you're absolutely welcome! .w. You have great stuff<3

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    Thank's fur the faves <3