RGBY Celebration by Chu

RGBY Celebration


17 November 2015 at 13:02:36 MST

I'm excited that the original Pokemon games are coming to the 3DS Virtual Console! Not because I think it's the "best" or anything; the original Pokemon games are janky and there's a bunch of designs in that generation that are uh, not the best. But it's the game and generation that hooked me into the franchise when I was exactly the right audience for it, so of course I'm always going to have a soft spot for them.

About the drawing itself: these guys were drawn based on what their sprites looked like in Pokemon Red/Blue (US). I took their colors from the way they look on GameBoy Color.

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    Ooh! This is the best 'based on original sprites/colors' art I've ever seen.

    I love they're on the 3DS Virtual Console too because they set it up so you can trade between them so they have full functionality (something that requires shenanigans to do in most emulation when it's even possible). I hope they do it with other games too!~

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    I had blue on the original gameboy (no color, just greenish/black). I will never forget wandering that forest trying to catch that pikachu. TT___TT why you got to be so hard to get, pikachu?

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    I'm gonna love hearing the younger generation give it a go and see how annoyed they'll get about the old mechanics...

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      What's different? Other than a few gotcha attacks and stat tweaking. Both old and new are pretty much a larger rock/paper/scissors game.

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        Eh, call it more wishful thinking on my part. I've known a kid to kick off over soemthign not being the right colour...

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    I love the scales on Squirtle and Charmander,
    and this art makes me like bulbasaur for once. (I'm not much of a bulbasaur fan.)
    Love the texture you put onto the characters.

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    I just love how you draw pokemon