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OVERHEARD: I Just Walked Away by chrisgoodwin

OVERHEARD: I Just Walked Away


24 January 2014 at 18:04:47 MST

Overheard tonight on the Red Line subway train to Ashmont, after work. These two young ladies are in high school - though I would never have guessed their ages were it not for the conversation, which seemed to be a regular infodump of daily school dramatica.

[ALSO: Some of you have mentioned compiling these into a book. I appreciate that(!) though I should explain that these are made sporadically, as they happen, and as I'm able to make them. I make them as therapy and to people an otherwise lonely life with conversations that I hear that I'm not having, myself; people are interesting. Also, my professional work requires me to be extremely careful and exacting and to set aside my own aesthetics, so these are intentionally quick, rough, messy sketches. All of this means I'm not thinking of them as a whole finished product, but one-day-at-a-time personal sketches to get along through life in the city. This may change, and you folks will be the first to know it, but not for now. It's been just over a year to make 25, so perhaps around 100?]

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    Of all of this series, I'm pretty sure this one remains my favorite (though what a difficult choice to make!). But this one has it all; entertaining dialogue, FANTASTIC use of sightlines and motion to enhance and illustrate, sassy body language... it's just perfect. Panel 3 knocks it out of the park into the territory of the sublime; tracing the plausible path of the speech bubble lends a sense of motion to the finger and gesture, as if she swung around the pole just to emphasize her point. Despite it being a "deliberately rough, messy sketch", it's absolutely standout work. <3

    So, uh, yeah. Make this a book, it can join your other two on my bookshelf. :)

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    I'd absolutely love to read this as a webcomic or own it as a book. Just because it's not "finished" conventionally doesn't mean it's not art. Its roughness hides its defects and lends to its charm. It's as finished as it needs to be.

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    She's so dang sassy!

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    I think these are book quality. Just got to get enough of them.

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    those expressionadklawji and movemtnnn such an easy read too!

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    not gonna lie, that weave burn was perfect and may or may not have used that as inspiration a few times since you made this originally...

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    Yessss. I've just faved so many of these so apologies! I think the things I love the most about this series is the variety of different anthros, but also how I can clearly hear the voices in my head and how they might sound (I get that especially with this one and the "Oh, Word?" and the "I don't speak French" comics). Looking forward to future additions!!