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Mistral by chopstuff



9 May 2014 at 06:59:05 MDT

Mistral from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

So I was pretty much done at 8 arms and that was only half way :'D Part of me never wants to see another hand again but the other part found this to be a good learning exercise XD

Mistral is one of those characters that a static CG render can not do justice, in motion she is rather spectacular, I was a bit sad that they didn't utilize her nearly enough, her design is really interesting.
Her fight intro, after all the jibber jabber, I love it, I probably shouldn't but it's so weird and cool :'D

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    Wow. This is fucking impressive. You should be very proud of yourself!

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      Hehee thank you :'D I haven't spent this long on a picture in a very long time, all my work has been very small and quick lately, it's nice to sit down and go nuts on something

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    Let me give you a hand .. hehe This is well done :D

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      Badumtish XDD hehehe~ Thank you so much cB

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    Oh man, I never really played the Metal Gear games but this character is really cool. Your rendition of her also serves a lot of that, she feels really intense and it's visually active...I can get the sense of what she looks like animated!
    I myself have multi-armed characters, so I know how hard it can be to figure out what to do with all those hands! But you handled it really well and dynamically. I like the use of red and neutrals.

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      Oh I really love the boss characters, they get really creative with them, I guess to avoid making all the battles the same, but MGS has some of my favourite boss battles and boss characters of any game I've played :'D
      And yeee it's difficult to figure out XD I didn't want to copy and paste all the arms but I still wanted it to be somewhat symmetrical for the composition ;u; I'm glad I didn't give up half way through now cB

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    Not super familiar with Metal Gear but damn this is really cool.

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      Hehe thank you cB It's full of really eccentric characters I think, the boss characters can be quite spectacular and creative cB I'm really looking forward to the new game, I just want to see what they'll do next XD

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    It's too bad that all she does with these arms is just... take two out to make a pole out of them.

    She could have a bag full of sticks and the fight wouldn't be any different.

    Looks cool tho. That's about all it does.

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      Yep her design was a little wasted :'D You chop them off and she puts more on, oh no XD