I'm Participating in the CFz Virtual Con! by ChocolateKitsune

I'm Participating in the CFz Virtual Con!


19 May 2020 at 11:03:12 MDT

ConFuzzled might have been cancelled but we're still gonna have our fun!

I'll be running my dealer table, taking commissions, and streaming my work throughout the weekend, and I'm set to run my very first con panel, albeit in a virtual space, titled "A Series of Arbitrary Problems." I'll be talking about some of the bigger challenges I've faced working full time as a fetish artist, and sharing the things I've learned from trying to surmount them.

My situation hasn't been the best given the pandemic, so I'm unfortunately unable to set any sort of fixed schedule for when I'll be live. However, I will be generally targeting BST Afternoon/Evening timeslots for longer sessions than usual, and posting announcements in my usual places when that happens, which are linked below.

Telegram Channel - with TG's push notifications, this is the most reliable way to know when I go live as soon as I do.
Discord Server - You can join my server and subscribe to the "Art Group" role there to get pinged whenever I go live.
Twitter - I always post on Twitter before a stream but these can get lost amongst the chaos.

You can see the full schedule of events over on CFz's page. All times quoted on their page are also in BST [time conversion page].

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