[Com] DnD Head tokens by Chitafokkusu

[Com] DnD Head tokens


21 May 2019 at 18:13:24 MDT

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Our DM FonxBlue commissioned me to draw some head tokens for our current party in DnD.

The main group is starting at the left is Aileen our kobold barbarian who can tank hits better then anyone else in the group. Up next it is our warlock spellsword Nitra who is the also the leader of our little group and quite the heavy hitter. After her is my dumb little vampire kobold sorcerer Dunn who only good for nukes and occasion wisdom also he might be the other kobolds great grandfather. Next is Veezra who became a paladin to take her vengeance on all demons after her twin brother was killed by a demon. After her is Klyk a fighter gnoll who specialize in archery and is very reliable. And lastly is our storm giant fox kin monk Kit who is great at doing damage and being a meat shield even though she squishy.

I model the head tokens after Persona 3 battle icons and I really like how they came out! Enjoy!

Drawn by me
Dunn and Kit belong to me
Aileen belong to RenaissanceVulpine
Nitra belongs to Nightmare Emperor
Veezra, Klyk and Art belong to FonxBlue 

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