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Hello! My name is Chitafokkusu or Sanura!

I draw variety of SFW and NSFW usually Furries, or Anime. I like character design and story driven art so I hope to make my own comics one day!

Some of the themes I like to draw is Size difference, Hyper, Transformation, and Feral. Some themes I want to draw more of or get back into are Vore, Macro, and taurs, so look forwards to that!

I do take commissions, my prices are below or in the commission tab! If you are interested in a commission, please send me a note on one of the respective pages or contact me via Discord or at my email!

Commissions are currently Open

Terms and Conditions

Discord: @ Chitafokkusu

One stop links Carrd

SFW Tumblr : Furaffinity : Instagram : Inkbunny : Itaku : Picarto

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Projects I have worked on
The Journey Home

Latest Journal

What happened these last few weeks

Hello everyone, how is your week going so far?

I wanted to give everyone a bit of a heads up with what happen with my posting for the last few weeks.
A lot of shit happened to hit me hard a bit before thanksgiving and it just spiraled out of control. It all started with my home’s tub breaking, the drain pipe detach from the tub to a point of being unfixable and the faucet was leaking a lot of water.  We knew it had to be fixed immediately because it could end up being a hazard. While we worked with my husband's family for help on this problem, I got a call from one of my high school friend that another of my high school friends didn’t have much time left and that I should go see her... I visited and stayed with her a few hours as we talked and reminisced. I promised her to visited her the next day since my husband and I had to go and do a few things before the night was over. and as the next day started I got a call from her mother that she had passed that morning. This broke our hearts very much as we cared for her dearly. I was thankful for my sister cheering me up on thanksgiving and for the rest of my family and friends that cheered us up while we were down. the next week the contractor who was hired to fix and remodel of tub to a shower came and it seemed like things were going to pick up from there. We were going to be away from the house for a few days as they fixed it but nothing that would impede my work too much hehe.. and then the contractor found black mold eating away at most of our restroom floor and it was really bad since our home is old, and what should of been a week of work turn into 2 weeks away from home. (As I write this they are still not done, but we are able to be home since the toilet is functional) Also while we were away from home, I got a cold and couldn’t do much until I recovered. I have been trying to recover myself emotionally as these weeks have past, I'm feeling a lot better after going to my friend’s funeral service and seeing and chatting with old friends about good times and what we have been up to. I also have to thank a very generous friend who helped me get a computer for Christmas as my laptop was slowly reaching its end. I’m still not at a 100% yet, but I’m doing well enough to start posting again! and now that I have a computer that can actually handle more than 2 programs at a time lol, I want to try and do things like streaming and editing my CSP recordings and making better speedpaints videos! But for now I going to to focus on catching up on my work and postings.

Thank you for reading and have a good day!~

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Colored Sketch

1- Chibi
$ 40.00
2- Bust
$ 50.00
3- Hip Up
$ 60.00
4- Full body
$ 75.00
5- Character Design
$ 55.00
6- Sequence
$ 90.00
add  6- Additional Sequence
$ 45.00


1- Chibi
$ 55.00
2- Bust
$ 65.00
3- Hip Up
$ 80.00
4- Full body
$ 100.00
5- Ref Sheet
$ 120.00
6- TTRPG Token
$ 75.00
7- Sequence
$ 160.00
add  7- Sequence extra
$ 80.00

To reach me: contact me on Discord- Sanura (Chitafokkusu)#5074, or send me an email at I don't always gets notes so right away.

These are the basic rules and price add-ons for my commissions unless otherwise stated.

Basic commission price include Simple Background

  • Complex Background: Depends on complexity and time and will be discussed when given a quote
  • Additional characters will be +50% of the based price for each character add
  • Alts of Artworks is +30% of quoted priced

For Character Design:

  • Designing a character from Scratch, using text descriptions or image inspirations

For Sequence Art:

  • 2 Sequences base
  • Additional Sequences +$45 for colored sketches
  • Additional Sequences +$80 for rendered pieces

For Reference sheets:

  • Flat color only
  • Base price includes a maximum of 2 views, or two characters with single view, anything else is extra.
  • Extras +10% per

For TTRPG Token:

  • Custom token frame:+20%

Prices can change depending on complexity.
In regards to what I will and will not draw, I will inform you if it makes me uncomfortable and I reserve the right to refuse it. If you’re unsure about the anything feel free to contact me.
Stripe invoice only for now.

What I WILL draw:
Anime and Cartoons
Furries and animal characters; wolves, foxes, ponies, etc.
Original Characters so long as you can provide me with picture reference or a VERY detailed description.
Characters from almost any fandom so long as you can provide plenty of reference
Simple robots/ animatronics
Certain fetishes like vore, hyper, feral, transformation, etc.

What I WILL NOT draw:
Hate art of any kind; racist imagery, extreme misogynistic material etc.
Real life people without said persons consent
Cars, vehicles, complex machinery
Children in adult situations
Super hardcore gore
Certain fetishes like scat, diaper, farting, etc.

If there something you are uncertain about what I may draw, feel free to ask!
I will always discuss the project before asking for payment so I will let you know when and if I simply can’t draw something

Once you have read my Terms and Conditions and we have talk out the details of the commission I’ll send you a Stripe invoice.

You can contact me through notes, Discord- Sanura (Chitafokkusu)#5074, or my Email-

Thank you!



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