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Chillin' and drinking pulque by chiltikcoatl

Chillin' and drinking pulque


Original from FA posted on December 21st, 2012 01:28 PM

LOL at the end nothing happened and well...Coatl just sat on a grass hill, took off his helmet and decided to contemplate the dawn of a new day while drinking some pulque.
He's Aztec not Mayan, hence why he was uncertain as everyone about the apocalypse but prepared for anything coming up.

I decided to do further changes to his xochilyaoyotl outfit, since both his gauntlets and shinguards have a more elaborate designs, his sword looks less like a paddle and is beveled on the edges (althrough if it was a meteor what was going to kill us he could have used it as a baseball bat to hit it back to the space) and as well replaced the ropes that form an X on his chest for thicker and more resistant straps of a backpack and a sleeping mat made of a fabric diferent to that of petates. The backpack itself as well keeps in place adequatelly the shifting star patterned flags of his back.

On a side note, the phantom crocodile (Nah. tlapeuilosipaktli) the armor represents is his nahual (or familiar spirit) and he dresses as said spirit so both fight together as one warrior.

I have to say I worked harder on the background and I simply love flowers, and grass <3 as well I'm giving it a try to diferent tools on SAI rather than do ALL the shading using the brush tool, I still have to experiment a lot on the way to get the appropiate textures and find a method to make look better polished metals and mirrors.
Also I think I'm improving on drawing muscles, getting better the exact shape of Coatl's muzzle well feet drawn better.
On the environmental part I still need more practice playing with colors, since due to the lights of sunrise make everything look a bit pink.

Art by   chiltikcoatl