Weekend visit (Zootopia short comics announcement) by chicobo

Weekend visit (Zootopia short comics announcement)


10 December 2016 at 09:08:10 MST

Hello there. ^-^

I've planned to do a series of short comics of Zootopia, but I think this could take lot of work.
Anyhow, I've started the Idea in collab with Anhes and I think that this could be possible. ^-^

I'll be posting the first short comic of this series. This will be four pages and an epilogue
page, which can be considered as the beginning of a continuation that we have thought about.
Also we have thought about them for all audiences, but with some humor, drama and romances. v

I think that when I start to publish the first few pages I will open a donation pool, in which I will
also consider the donations to my Patreon. This will have a donation goal, but This does not mean that
if I do not reach my goal I will stop doing this comic series, the truth is that I am really enjoying
doing it, but being my only work I think I will need your support to dedicate the necessary time.

Well, with nothing more to say, I hope you enjoy this drawing.
Thanks in advance for considering supporting me in this project. ^-^

. Staff of the project: anhes chicobo
. Actual drawing done by: chicobo

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    sounds cool :D