ZSC: Weekend visit - Page 1 by chicobo

ZSC: Weekend visit - Page 1


19 December 2016 at 10:30:59 MST

Hello there. ^-^

I've planned to do a series of short comics about Zootopia, but I think this could take a lot of work.
Anyhow, I've started the Idea in collab with Anhes and I think that this could be possible. ^-^

I'll be posting the next pages these weeks. This will be four pages and an epilogue page,
which can be considered as the beginning of a continuation that we have thought about. Also
we have thought them to be for all audiencies, but with some humor, drama and romances. v

If you like it you could consider to donate us a little. My PayPal is chirudegilead@gmail.com. Also
all the monthly support on my Patreon will be considered as part of the donations for this comic. ^-^
Given that in Patreon I offer some rewards I will take them into account also for those who
donate through paypal, so when the chapter is finished, for those who has donate more than 10
dollars we'll send this chapter in better quality according to the rewards from the pledges.

The goal is to reach at least $1000 for all the first chapter, but this does not mean that if I do not reach my goal I
will stop doing this comic series, the truth is that I am really enjoying doing it but you could also consider that
I am trying to find a place to live and my only job is this, and even though I'm trying to constantly improve I
started just a year and a half ago and practice takes time, even with the great help from my friend Anhes. u.u

Having said this I assure you that I will try to continue with these comics even if I do not
have a guaranteed monetary income, it maybe will take more time but I will follow on this.

Well, with nothing more to say, I hope you enjoy this comic.
Thanks in advance for considering supporting me in this project. ^-^

. progress to achieve the goal: 191/1000
. Project Staff: anhes chicobo
. Based on Zootopia world from Disney

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