Bounce House [P] by chemgas650

Tsuki let out an angry sigh as she looked at the huge hole in the bouncy house she was supposed to inflate. The grey furred lynx had spent so much time setting it all up, and now that she had found this gaping hole, she would need a replacement. On such short notice, though, getting one would definitely be a hassle. Her black ears twitched as she tapped her foot, wondering what to do.
Meanwhile, her partner, a Shetland sheepdog named Shela, had just finished setting up another inflatable of her own. The two were hired to set some things up for a birthday party that started in the next fifteen minutes, and with this problem having arrived they would definitely need to improvise something. Shela spoke up as she saw the problem. “Well, we can't get another bouncy house shipped over here within the next five minutes, can we?”
“No, but what else can we do? It's not like we-” Tsuki paused and slowly turned towards Shela, looking her up and down. An idea suddenly formed in her mind, and she smiled slightly. “It's not like we can just get a replacement…”
Shela saw the look in Tsuki's eyes quickly, and her guard was up. “What are you thinking…”
Still smiling, Tsuki gave up her idea. “Well, we may not be able to get a replacement shipped here, but that doesn’t mean we can't MAKE one…”
Shela’s eyes widened as she fully realized what the idea was. Her first instinct was to protest against the suggestion, but after stopping herself she realized that this could mean her job if she didn’t go along with it. With a sigh, she nodded and gave in. “Fine… but if one of those little kids pops me, you're giving me half your pay for this job.”
Tsuki nodded, smiling as she turned off the air pump. “Of course, we'd need to make it so kids can climb up on you. Air would just make you all spherical, and you'd probably endanger them from rolling around. So, our best alternative is water. Now, where can we get some…” Her eyes moved to a nearby water hose, and she immediately began approaching it while Shela prepared to lose at least half of her dignity.
Tsuki returned holding one end of the hose, handing it to Shela. The sheepdog took it and swallowed it enough so that it reached her stomach while Tsuki went back to where she could turn it on. When Shela gave a thumbs up, Tsukui turned the valve and let the water flow.
Shela immediately felt considerably full, along with a cold feeling entering her middle as it began to round out, Shela no longer looking as slim as she normally was. The sheepdog quickly felt the weight of the water in her middle as it pooled in her stomach, causing it to sag and turn into a dome that aimed towards the ground. Shela arced her back as she felt the weight, and when her stomach was merely the size of a beach ball, she was already on her knees.
Tsuki spoke up, having come back from standing next to the valve. “You may want to lay on your side, y’know, otherwise the kids may have a harder time climbing all over ya.”
Shela sighed and reluctantly laid atop her belly before rolling to one side, her gut sloshing audibly as it went from a sagging ball to a growing, jiggling hill of a stomach. The hose kept forcing more water into her stomach without reprieve, and Shela moaned as she felt her hide stretching to contain it all. The thought of little kids jumping all over her belly was getting somewhat nerve-wracking, but with her stomach comparing to the size of a car, she thought it may not be as bad as she predicted.
Her stomach skin began to creak and groan as it continued expanding outwards, now managing to cover the entirety of the flattened bounce house, while the water-filled hill’s peak as tall as Tsuki. The lynx, seeing this, went and turned off the flow of water, coming back and pulling the hose out of Shela’s mouth with a smile. “Well, now we definitely have a makeshift bouncy house.”
Shela moaned, the tightness in her skin taking up much of her concentration. “Ugh… I should’ve asked for three quarters of your pay…”
Tsuki laughed. “I might just give you the whole damn paycheck. Remember, you’re gonna have kids jumpin’ all over ya for the better part of the next three hours.”
“Three hours?!” Shela growled to herself, having forgotten how long the party was supposed to be. At the very least, Tsuki would be there to keep her company through the constant bouncing…

Bounce House [P]


5 December 2018 at 17:18:37 MST

Tsuki and Shela are working on setting up things for a party, when they realize they need to get an impromptu bounce house!

Tsuki and Shela owned by: Me!

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