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This week, at Furren University, most certainly had to be a certain professor’s favorite week of the entire year. This week marked the beginning of a unit on the science behind physical transformation, and every year Triss would turn into numerous different forms throughout the week to give a demonstration of what her students can do with the power of science. Of course, the fennec fox never put it in such a cheesy way, and normally just skipped straight to the fun part of things. Currently, she sat behind her desk, making a few final checks on a set of vials that sat before her, each of them prepped to send her into totally different form compared to the last.
Triss Everstead, known by the students as “Professor Everstead”, had been teaching at Furren for at least five years, and loved her job wholeheartedly. She had one blue eye and one yellow eye, and she usually stood at around 5’5”, when she wasn’t demonstrating something for her classes. Her gray and white fur looked somewhat like the pattern of a cow’s skin, and she had long, flowing black hair that reached to the middle of her spine.
With a smile and a deep breath to bring down her excitement, she grabbed a vial and walked out of the back room of her classroom. In front of her stood a college class full of students, students of which were rarely absent lest they missed the opportunity to watch Professor Everstead do a range of things to herself, a common event being the Professor inflating herself. Sometimes, even, she would select a few students to undergo one of her many demonstrations, and they were almost always willing to fill the role of metaphorical hamster.
With a warm smile Triss greeted her first class of the day. “Good morning, everyone, I hope you all had a nice weekend. As you may remember, I told you this week would be filled with many demonstrations of the kinds of transformations we’ll be reviewing this semester. Of course, if you decide to take ‘Form Science’ with me next year, then we’ll be delving much further into this topic. Now, I’ll need to get out your notebooks, since we have just a couple slides of notes before we start the demonstration for today.”
While the students did that, Triss fired up her projector and readied the short slideshow she had prepared containing the small amount of the day’s notes. They went by rather quickly, which the Professor had expected would happen. When they were done, Triss stood from her desk and grabbed a vial of dark blue liquid that had been sitting next to her as she smiled. “This, students, will transform me into a hollow, rubber inflatable toy. It’s one of the simplest transformations we’ll be reviewing this unit, and frankly it’s my favorite out of almost every form I know.”
The Professor downed the contents of the vial and set the empty glass back on the counter she got it from. Immediately, she could feel a tingling sensation in her stomach as the liquid began its work, the transformation acting quickly. Starting from her naval and working outward, a plastic-like sheen spread across her fur, causing it to mat down as it turned from hide to rubber.
At first covered by her lab coat, the change was very much visible when the sheen spread to her hands and feet; they began to change from having definable fingers and toes into simple nubs, a classic characteristic of most pool toys. Her ears and snout rounded out as well, and her tail became smooth and shiny as her entire body was affected by what was in her vial.
Next, her body became transparent. The change was gradual, but still quick enough to be noticeable by the naked eye, and this stage of her transformation was ended by the growth of a nozzle on her naval. However, things weren’t quite done yet, and Triss couldn’t help but giggle to herself as her favorite part of the transformation began.
A hissing sound emanated from her midsection as she started filling with air. Of course, she was already full of enough gas to stand properly upon transforming, but she always modified her formulas just enough to allow her to have plenty of fun in her new state. Her stomach bulged outward, pressing against her lab coat and beginning to strain its buttons as it stretched in an attempt to fit her. Triss quickly undid these buttons and tossed the coat aside, not wanting to severely damage it so that she could use it in the future.
The hissing continued, and soon her belly was an expanding beach ball of air as her chest began to inflate too, soon turning her middle into one, large expanding dome. Her sides and back started to inflate too, the air pushing in every possible direction in order to fill her as much as possible. Her legs and arms were already rounding out, too, a change that would be happening later had she not been completely hollow on the inside.
Rather than widening her stance and remaining on her feet, Triss always preferred to go straight to laying down on her inflating middle, and that’s what she did now as she slowly rolled forward. Her limbs became domes on her expanding body as she grew bigger and bigger, the fox’s skin tingling as the rubber stretched and even started creaking audibly. The tingling was a positive, and very much welcomed, sensation, though, and Triss only smiled as she kept inflating further and further.
Soon, the inflation stage was fully finished, and Triss began giving the students a few extra notes verbally on how it felt to transform into a pooltoy, as well as how she felt while in that state. She knew the students were paying attention to her words, enthralled mostly by her new form that was being presented to them, and the excitement began to build yet again as she remembered this wasn’t the only time this week she’d get to transform like this…

Transformation Unit


5 November 2018 at 17:03:09 MST

Triss has begun her favorite unit in teaching her Body Science class at Furren University, and she always liked to start with a little self-demonstration...

Been a while since I've written anything for myself, and it felt good to do so!

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