Age of Orbs | Chapter 1 by chemgas650

The trio entered the forest and walked a distance without interruption. During the trek, they conversed between one another.
Tsuki was the first to speak. “Sooo who do you think took over Liztown?”
Zaru was the one to respond. “I don’t have any ideas in my mind, I’d rather see who the culprit actually is over try to guess who they are.”
Ajax sighed, audibly. “Can we just shut up and find something to fight?”
This quickly silenced any conversation that was to be had, and soon the group came upon a small camp of what looked like a few minions. They were all anthro wolves by the looks of it, the dark aura surrounding them indicating their being summoned minions. Two of them had pumps on the ground next to them, while the third was their bow with a cloth.
Ajax and Tsuki slowly got off of Zaru’s back, trying to make as little noise as possible as Zaru aimed an air arrow from his bow. The arrow soon flew from the string, and it hit its mark as the bowman was hit in the arm. Their stomach quickly started rounding out as a hissing sound came from the arrow. Surprised, the wolf, as well as his comrades, failed to pull the arrow out before its rapid effects gave him a belly the size of a beach ball. When the arrow was pulled out, all three wolves turned to the trio of adventurers, the archer trying to push his bloated stomach out of the way while the others picked up their pumps and charged at the group.
Tsuki cast a quick water spell on the closer of the two minions, and a gurgling sound caused him to slow to a stop as he began to concentrate in order to stop the spell’s effects. While he tried, his belly began to grow outward, reaching a foot or two outwards before stopping. The minion’s belly sagged from the water inside it, and he was visibly hindered by it as it swayed when he walked.
The third minion had reached Ajax, and the two were on the ground, wrestling with each other in an attempt to shove a hose down one another’s throats. The minion eventually won out, and Ajax found himself with a growing dome of a gut as he was pumped up with helium. Ajax managed to get the pump out of his mouth before long, giving him a relatively small stomach. The Cheob cat felt considerably lighter from the gas, but it only made it harder to walk properly over anything else.
The fighting continued, and soon Zaru took an arrow to the side. His underside started rounding out, filling with what Zaru could tell was water, especially judging by the sloshing noises coming from the area. Due to its position, he struggled to remove the arrow for a decent amount of time, and was left having to widen his stance due to his stomach pushing against his legs.
More fighting, and soon one minion was down. His pump fell to the ground as he laid atop his stomach, an arrow in his back and filling him with water as he rose atop his belly. Creaks and groans emanated from his hide, and the minion had been put in a daze from the increasing feeling of pressure, leaving him moaning and mumbling incoherently. As he inflated, the effects of inflation showed no signs of stopping, and soon one loud groan announced the minion’s popping. Water rushed outward from where the minion was, scraps of hide flying everywhere as the wolf burst apart.
The other two minions met similar fates, the other pumper first being overfilled with helium to the point of becoming almost spherical, his arms, legs, and neck. The thing to inevitably pop him was a single tree branch, of which poked his belly as he rose towards the sky. The edge was enough to puncture his hide, the hole turning to a tear which spread across his body before he burst completely.
The archer popped atop his belly, filled with air and inflated to being almost spherical, like the second pumper. Their cheeks had puffed out, muffling their moans much like the loud creaks of their hide as they grew to a rather large size compared to the other two minions. However, even they eventually met their fate as their hide gave out, causing scraps of hide to fly in various directions as they exploded.
In the end, the trio decided it would be best to wait at the camp that was now emptied. Tsuki had been inflated with air, and was inflated to the point that her arms and legs had just started puffing up. She waddled to camp, her hide creaking softly with every step. When she went to sat down, she found herself just falling onto her dome of a back and laying there, arms sticking straight out, rigid from the air in them. She moaned, too tired to move at this point as she closed her eyes and fell asleep.
Ajax was the least inflated of the three, having a helium-filled gut that was only as big as a basketball. Due to this, he had to assist Zaru’s getting to camp by pushing the taur. Zaru had been filled with a large amount of water, to the point that his underside extended past his feet and forced him to rise slightly off of the ground, rendering him otherwise immobile. From Zaru’s point of view, the pressure was rather nice, feeling his skin being stretched outward from the liquid inside him.
The three adventurers rested in the camp and rested, all of them knowing it would be dangerous to continue on in their current state. After Ajax had finished searching, he found that the camp had ample food and supplies to sustain them for the night, and they decided they now had a place to stay for the night.

Age of Orbs | Chapter 1


7 October 2018 at 09:24:28 MDT

This is the first chapter to my inflation series, called Age of Orbs!
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The first encounter with a few minions is had, but how does it fare for our adventurers?

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