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A Heartfelt Heart-Heal - by Heartman98 by Charem

A Heartfelt Heart-Heal - by Heartman98


It's pretty rough, having your heart trying to thump out of its chest cavity. Unfortunately as durable as ghost-types can be, I'm still physical, and I can still have health problems. And it's really not surprising to learn that a doggo - even a ghost-doggo - is pretty weak to emotional and mental trauma and abuse. Canines are empathetic beings, you gotta treat 'em right or they just crumble... In my case, it means stress leading to heart issues...never fun. :(

But Pencilman (I believe is his name?) wanted to help~ A tiny 'lil human may not seem to be able to do all that much for a giant 'ol dog, but a big amount of kindness can come from a small body. Some care and affection and a magical heart-pill would certainly do me some good, and my diminutive friend was eager to provide such. <3 It still would be a great effort getting something several times as big as him into good health again...but he was up to the task.

So sweet~ When I did feel better, I'd probably give him a nice, safe, soft tour of my insides as thanks. <3 Getting better from sickness works up an appetite, of course...and Pencilman could get a good, close listen to my heartbeat that way to make sure it all checked out fine~

I was surprised by this earlier today. ^^ Heartman98 is a really great artist, particularly with vore and paws; I got drawn by time a long time ago too if you recall. I haven't talked to them much since, but then they came and PM'd me today with this adorable picture. <:3 They drew it after reading my recent journal (about my atrocious work experience and how it gave me a host of heart troubles), to help cheer me up and make me feel better. Well...this really does help, Heartman, it's absolutely sweet of you. <3 Thank you dude.

If you are curious about what happened, my journal is here:

I am also open for donations following this, for the sake of making my rent payments while I recover from what happened. I you want to help, please read this journal to learn more:

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