No Barriers Can Hold My Blubber! - by Winged-Kuriboh by Charem

No Barriers Can Hold My Blubber! - by Winged-Kuriboh


15 April 2017 at 18:01:22 MDT

I typically stand on a fine line with my ghostly nature. I'm alive yet undead, physical yet incorporeal. It's all based on what I desire, and if I have the spectral energy to fuel those desires...

For instance, if I wish to gorge myself into a lard-billowing ghost-pup, weighing countless pounds yet still seeming practically weightless as I float casually in the air, I can do that with enough energy in my soul-batteries. It's a common tactic I use to move my otherwise-immobile mass of blubber, typically to seek out even MORE food!

Another thing I can do is something you'd expect of any ghost: intangibility. Now I typically am physical, so it does take some heavy amount of spirit energy to make myself incorporeal...yes, even more than lifting up a couple tons of mass into the air! I don't use it that often as such, but when I do, you can bet I have a good reason... Such as phasing through a thick glass wall because I see a massive buffet of food on the other side, perhaps~ It's not really breaking and entering, since I'm not breaking a thing to get in!

As you can imagine, this is quite stealthy too, and a wonderful way to sneak up on living snacks that think they're safe in an enclosed space... >:3 Why, a good belly-flop whilst intangible and I can simply slip them into the middle of my incorporeal body, then...become physical again. A very efficient way of trapping somebody in my gut...especially when my gut is as big as you see here~

This was an adorable picture done by   Winged-Kuriboh, who came up with the idea of me demonstrating my ghostpup-powers in this fun way. ^^ I very much approve; thanks Flare!