A Birthday 'Dox Deserves ALL the Cakes! - by fantasyleader by Charem

A Birthday 'Dox Deserves ALL the Cakes! - by fantasyleader


15 April 2017 at 17:02:53 MDT

DISCLAIMER: It's not actually my birthday - that is on July 19th, so we're still some months off. XD I forgot to post this from my LAST birthday, so I'm posting it now. Oops!

No birthday can go by without at least one good cake. However, a Shadox's birthday can't go by without at least SEVERAL good cakes. Simple logic, and fact!

Fortunately, Alex the Charmander was fully aware of this fact, and spent time baking up a storm for my birthday last year~ I think we BOTH lost count how many he'd actually made, but rest assured they all fit inside my increasingly-flabby belly quite nicely...with the firelizard's happy grin growing wider the bigger my frame got!

...And I may have had a dessert on top of my dessert at the end...of a certain scaly, spicy cook~ Just my way of extending my compliments to the chef!

  fantasyleader, aka Alex the Charmander, is a very nice friend, as Charmanders tend to be. n..n He drew this pic up last year and it was so adorable that I...forgot to post it with my other birthday submissions? XD I think what happened was that this was slightly belated, so it didn't end up being part of my birthday-posting-flow. No biggie though...cake pictures are wonderful any day!