Plenty 'O Pokeweight! - by ninjachu by Charem

Plenty 'O Pokeweight! - by ninjachu


15 April 2017 at 16:10:13 MDT


Growth testing facilities have a lot of potentially-hazardous equipment, but such things are even more dangerous to very...'change-susceptible'...creatures. Such as Pokemon...

Ninjachu the Umbreon, Marc the Totodile, and my Charmeleon self all discover quite an interesting chemistry-kit of vials in such place, and after Ninja's blubbery misadventure with one of them, his duo of friends recklessly decide to join in on the fun! Marc finds himself a different sort of vial with different properties, while I just grab from the tried-and-proven set that ninja had found!

Of course, I'm not content to drink just ONE vial... There's a whole set there, and why let them go to waste when I could drink them all? :3

Well, here's a real oldie, but goodie! I had this in a separate folder for a while and sort of missed it for a time. But, this was a very fun little comic series that   ninjachu did starring himself,   shinytotodude, and me! If you like extreme fattening, or inflation, then it's a series worth checking out. ^_^

I'm not posting this comic myself since I don't star in every single page; I have a supporting role. Ninjachu has them posted up at the links I provided at the top of the description, though. :3 So go click them!

(Spoiler: I get the biggest. <3)