{HOWLOWEEN} Trick AND Treat! - by CongruentPartisan & Me by Charem

{HOWLOWEEN} Trick AND Treat! - by CongruentPartisan & Me


15 April 2017 at 16:04:35 MDT

FULL SIZE: http://puu.sh/l4bDH/724bb9b89e.png

Did you know? Halloween is the FAVORITE holiday of a shadox. After all, we're specters of the night in the first place, but on Halloween, the day of spirits, we become even more powerful! Our supernatural abilities can do nearly anything on a good spookday...

Of course, this means that a trick or treating shadox is not trick or treating at all. Hungry ghosts can't decide between getting candy and playing tricks, so for us, it's a night to trick AND treat! But, wating just candy is bad for your health, after all; it's very important even for a shadox to get nutrition too! Fortunately, they can supplement with more...substantial meals...that are readily available~

All those dressed-up kids on the sidewalks at this time of year just make for such easy morsels to snatch, after all... Not to mention all those adults more than willing to open the safety of their front door when they see you. ("Why yes, I am wearing a costume! At least, I've eaten quite a few costumes at this point, it's mostly the same thing...") Plus, both avenues of consumption only result in more candy for the shadox to claim for their own voracious gullets!

...I suppose all this extra eating wasn't about nutrition at all, honestly! Oh well...guess I just tricked you too! ;3 Now for another trick... opens his candy-scented maw wide and leaps at you!

Yes, I'm a day late! I was doing so much Halloween stuff I didn't have time to post until now! :3 But it's okay; as a spooky-dog, I can officially extend Halloween a little longer and nobody can stop me. (Mwahaha!)

This was an awesome, awesome collab!   congruentpartisan drew this epic piece up, and I thought it was adorable and gave it my all in coloring and shading it. I had fun with this; it's the first time I've really successfully blended a drawn character with a photographic background. ^^ It wasn't just a copy-paste job, I spent a while balancing and aligning everything, as well as adding some stylistic effects to assist the blend. I'm also happy I was able to add some quick lighting without mulling on it for an hour like I used to do; I might actually be getting faster at this 'art' stuff!


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    (Teleports behind you) It's gonna take a lot more than that to get me! What's your next move?

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      teleports you too!...right into his belly~ I'm a ghost-dog...I'm a bit better at that than you~

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        I can teleport out, I just don't want to. You win!

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          Actually I could stifle your ability to continue doing that too...~ <3 So I sure did~

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            Oh... ok then