[COMM] Feeling a Bit More...Noodley! - by RedNoodle.Inc & Me by Charem

[COMM] Feeling a Bit More...Noodley! - by RedNoodle.Inc & Me


15 April 2017 at 16:03:58 MDT

Watch out for those cartoony sorts of creatures! They may be all silly and adorable half the time, but their abilities often break the limits of common sense...and you never know what they might do to you in the process! Drax learned this first hand, when Vector the cartoon dragon decided he wanted to try on a new look, and pulled a bit of a 'trick' to take over Drax's body...after making a few Vectory edits of course!

This was 3 of 3 collaborative commissions I did in joint with   rednoodle.inc, this one starring him and the commissioner,   vectordragon!

This was definitely the most fun of the three joint-commissions I did with Drax. This was a really adorable merge/tf pic, and a lot of the details were to be applied in the coloring process...which was my job as usual~ It was fun to balance Drax's and Vector's colors out, and add in all the adorable little spots Vector has as trademarks.

And who can't love chubby dragons too? Drax definitely gained some pounds through this little merge. ;3 It's super-fun to shade segmented scaly-bellies, I've learned!

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