[COMM] Unabsolved From Absol Abdomen - by Pippuri & Me by Charem

[COMM] Unabsolved From Absol Abdomen - by Pippuri & Me


15 April 2017 at 15:48:09 MDT

FULL SIZE: http://www.mediafire.com/convkey/fe.....3v4qi62zfg.jpg

It's said that Absols are Pokemon that can foretell disasters. What's not often mentioned is that this only applies to things that THEY would consider disasters. Certainly, an earthquake or a fire or such would universally apply as a disaster to all reasonably-minded creatures. But what about more 'nuanced' disasters? Perhaps, where something is a disaster for one creature, but not at all a disaster for another - but a benefit?

Certainly, if the Absol would benefit, it would hardly be interested in foretelling it as a disaster... :3

And thus was how Data the Guilmon had ended up glomped past the jaws of a particularly unique-colored Absol named Annika, and had been swallowed down her slick gullet with nary a warning in advance. Of course, as the scaled Digimon tucked up comfortably in the rumbling and grumbling confines of the Pokemon's plush gut, the smile on his face indicated that he considered his fate - whatever it turned to in the near future - to be hardly a disaster as well~

This was a commission for   datahazard64 of his Guilmon all nommed up by   pippuri/Annika's Absol form. ^..^ Anny was the line-artist of this, and I did the rest~

This was a cute project to do. n..n It was good to get further shading practice in - and I finally learned how to save new pen tools, so I can now keep perfectly-tuned tools for shading and lining and etc, without having to use another one of the default tools and constantly tweak the settings of it back and forth, like I used to do. (That wasted a lot of time in the past, honestly. XD) Hopefully the drool looks alright too, that was something I added rather quickly but I think it came out nice for the amount of effort put into it! Starting to get faster with all this biz. 83