Mr. Leafmey and the Gratuitous Belly - by IF & Me by Charem

Mr. Leafmey and the Gratuitous Belly - by IF & Me


15 April 2017 at 15:23:43 MDT

Oh, my! Mr. Leafmey seems to have gotten himself in yet another predicament. Overeating is an easy habit to fall into, especially when the overzealous canine's jaws - as well as other parts - are simply so stretchy and stuffable. And now that he's practically tripled his weight, Mr. Leafmey can't move at all! Oh dear, oh dear...

The porculent pup seems much too oblivious to realize what an immobile state he's put himself into. Or...perhaps, is he simply too happy to care? My good Mr. Leafmey, you are altogether quite reckless for a grass-type!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while guys. It seems I either DRAW art or POST art; it's hard to do both at the same time! That said, I have been busily working away at collaborations, so I do have lots of fun stuff to...eventually!...get around to sharing. I just ask for your continued patience. <:3 I have a goal to wipe out about 6 more collabs before I am more 'free' for posting. (And then I gotta think about the next batch of commissions too, of course!)

As for this picture, I completed it last night, and naturally I wanted to get this out and submitted considering my current focus on my Leafmeleon form! This was drawn by   imperfectflame quite randomly as a gift, and I spruced it up with color and a nice background and some other effects. Still occasionally trying to shade works like I did here, too, for practice of the technique; I think I might slowly be getting the hang of shadows. <:3

The title of the picture was based off something Guan said in my art stream for this - the phrase 'Mr. Leafmey'. It was just such a...dapper...title for my leafy form that I knew I had to use it...and run with it. XD

Oh, and don't worry. This ain't the last vore picture we'll be seeing of my grassy goodness. <3