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The Best Catch in the Lake - by TheMetalHyena & Mist by Charem

The Best Catch in the Lake - by TheMetalHyena & Mist


15 April 2017 at 13:45:27 MDT

Wanna read the text way better? See FULL SIZE here:

I'm usually quite a lazy Charmeleon. But I'm not lacking in cleverness...especially when properly motivated, such as through hunger. :P And hiking through the Unova region certainly can make a lizard hungry.

Fishing is not my forte, but upon my discovery of a nice big lake, a fishy dinner easily came to mind. I was able to fashion a makeshift rod in no time at all, but fishing itself is not a quick activity. Heck, I didn't even know if my fishing pole would actually work.

I shouldn't have worried about that, though. In fact, it worked a little TOO well... Eep!

Well, I certainly got my fish dinner... T_T

This was an awesome comic drawn up by TheMetalHyena on DA, and colored quite nicely by   jumpman92029/Mist. <3

You could call this comic a spiritual sequel to A Spicy Forest Snack, Shut Up, We're Not Friends, and Mouthwatering Muffin Mischief. These were all a trilogy of images starring   livinlovindude's trio of snake Pokemon eating me. I wanted to continue the Pokesnake-nom vibe, so I asked TheMetalHyena to draw my meeting with a Milotic here. <:3 With...predictable results. XD

At this rate, I might be eaten by every serpentine Pokemon out there...maybe!