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Must...Not...Blink...! - by Malley111689 by Charem

Must...Not...Blink...! - by Malley111689


This is a title card made by   malley111689/Lucius for my use in a YouTube video series on the in-development game SCP Containment Breach. I actually have not played the game yet, but Lucius made this to encourage me to play it. :P I will, just as soon as it releases into a final version (its current release is 0.6.5).

Here, we have the somewhat famous SCP 173 about to...well, kill me. XP SCP 173 is constructed from concrete and rebar, and seems immobile and harmless at first glance... But don't glance away! It moves whenever it's not being looked at, and it moves FAST. Fast enough that a single person cannot easily escape it, as it can move between blinks of the eyes... And when it catches you, it will unceremoniously break your neck.

Heaven help you if it grabs you just before you open your eyes. Trapped like that, your next blink will be your demise...